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heat recovery

Q: What is a PRV?

A: A PRV or a pressure reducing valve or a pressure regulator is a form of valve that stops the flow of a liquid or gas at a pre-determined pressure. This pressure reduction results in a direct waste of steam energy. However, by using a steam turbine, it is possible to reduce steam pressure while simultaneously generating electricity.

Q: What is CHP?

A: CHP or combined heat and power is a method of generating electricity while simultaneously generating useful heat. It is a form of cogeneration.

Q: What are some benefits of utilizing a steam turbing in place of a PRV?

A: In place of a PRV, a steam turbine will:

  • Generate electricity “for free” since it was originally wasted
  • Reduce your firm’s operating costs while shrinking your carbon footprint
  • May qualify your company for energy efficiency credits

Q: How long are the payback periods typically for these forms of steam turbines?

A: If your steam turbine PRV replacement solution is correctly configured, payback periods can range anywhere from 1 to 3 years. This of course will vary based on the specifics of your operation.

Q: What is the delivery time for your heat recovery steam turbine units?

A: Typically we can deliver our turbines within 4-6 months of receipt of a commercially and technically clear order.

Q: How efficient are your steam turbines?

A: Our turbines are very efficient and range from about 34% efficiency for a single-stage unit up to 70% efficiency for a multi-stage unit.

 Q: What turbine power ranges do you offer for heat recovery applications?

A: We offer turbines as low as 5 kW of power up to 3.2 MW of power for these applications.